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Courses & Teaching Structures

Theory of Integral Innovation (Examination Component)

• Ideation – Generating Ideas
• Innovation Space
• Need String Analysis (Research Seminar)

Innovation Culture (Examination Component)
• Product Ontogenesis
• Comprehensive History of Inventions and Design

Technical Realization
• Introduction in Processes of German Mechanical Engineering
• Requirement Engineering
• Technical Product Development

3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping
• Concept Simulation
• Laboratory Workshops included
• Different Techniques for Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing

• Development of Business Models
• Market Analysis
• Marketing
• Financial Planning

Semester Projects

Travel Documentation
The Certificate Program aims to introduce students to the field of Integral Innovation and to additional fields, such as entrepreneurship, industrial design and mechanical engineering, to develop the skills required to communicate concepts. Courses are taught in form of lectures, seminars and tutorials (for in-depth discussion of theory).
Participants are required to prepare and consolidate course subject matter in independent study and exercises on the basis of the learning materials and literature.

The program is based on a practical approach and on participants’ ongoing project work.
In addition to lectures, the program also involves seminars, short projects, improvised (extempore) projects, workshops, and creativity sessions. Independent group work is supported through team building.


Program Structure

Subject 1Theory of Integral Innovation6 CP, 444
LecturerProf. George Teodorescu
Subject 2  Culture of Innovation2 CP, 222
LecturerProf. George Teodorescu
Subject 3 Technical Realization4 CP, 333
LecturerProf. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gust
Subject 4 Entrepreneurship2 CP, 322
Subject 5 3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping4 CP, 333
LecturerDr. Frank Mersch
Subject 6 Semester Projects10 CP, 44
LecturerProf. George Teodorescu
Subject 7 Travel Documentation2 CP, 111
LecturerProf. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gust


Organizaltional Status

The Certificate Program INTEGRAL INNOVATION aims to provide an introduction to fundamental concepts of integral innovation. The program may also be taken as a detached unit, particularly by participants who seek knowledge in this area for research into invention and creativity from the perspective of integral innovation.


Requirements for Award of Credit Points

Credit points are awarded if the examination requirements have been fulfilled. The program examination consists of the following component:

Oral examination (20 minutes)
and further course examinations (i.e. written essays and presentations)

A total of 30 ECTS (credits) are awarded for the course.

This course is taught in English.

The Integral Innovation program for 2019 is currently being planned.